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The Kid Factor – Marriage Style

Kids can be a fun part of a wedding and reception. And you know there is a however coming…. However, I’ve witnessed on many occasions, very young children become scared when it’s their turn to walk down the aisle as ring-bearer or flower girl....

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The Father – Daughter Dance

After dozens of weddings every year, it’s easy for the DJ/MC to become hum-drum when introducing the Father/Daughter dance at the wedding. My take is a little different. As the father of 5 daughters, I know the emotional feeling that a father gets as he walks...

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Your Fort Wayne DJ

What makes Surface DJ Entertainment different than other Fort Wayne DJS? There are several points of difference. First, let’s talk about experience and equipment. Founder and Fort Wayne DJ Dan Surface has grown up around music. His family owns both Roller Dome...

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Know Your DJ – Tip Number 2

This is Tip Number 2, from the video, “10 Things To Know Before Hiring a DJ!” When you search Google for a DJ or a Wedding DJ, you’ll see the biggest companies who pay the most for Google Ads are at the top of the page. In the case of hiring a DJ for...

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Being Positive Keeps The Wedding Dream Alive

In a negative world, it’s refreshing to deal with wedding vendors that are professional and positive! A lot can go wrong with a wedding, but an engaged couple wants to hear what can go right. They want to hear words like amazing, magical, incredible, fun,...

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A Great DJ Plans a Grand Entrance and EXIT!

One very important wedding tradition is the Grand Entrance when the Bridal Party enters the Reception. At Surface DJs, we have had all types of entrances including one led by the actual Purdue Mascot.  At another one, we played Space Jam and the party came in and did...

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Finding the right Fort Wayne DJ for the job

Looking to hire a DJ for your next event? As with any service, it’s important to do your homework first before making a decision. We at Surface DJ Entertainment want you to be happy with whichever vendor you choose. Here are a few tips to ensure you make the...

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